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Real Estroven Reviews

Below you will find real Estroven reviews from real women. If you have used Estroven and would like to share your experiences to help other women, please leave a review below. All reviews are genuine and are opinions only; they do not replace or supplement the advice given by medical professionals.

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May Cause Drowsiness

Jan 05, 2016 by Marla
Age: 48 • 
Stage Of Menopause: 2 • 
Side Effects: Drowsiness and severe chills. 

I was so tired of my symptoms and so I tried Estroven. it does get rid of the sweats and hot flashes. But, an hour after i take it I have to lay down and cover up with loads of cover for a couple of hrs. I decided to take it at bedtime tonight and see how that works.

Estroven Maximum Strength

Nov 07, 2015 by Bonni
Age: 53 • 
Side Effects: None • 
Recommend To A Friend?: Yes 

I have had hot flashes for over a year now. The night sweats were absolutely brutal. I have tried various types of Estroven for Mood, Energy, Weight, etc. I didn’t find those to be particularly effective for my weight or mood (which I attributed to sleep deprivation). I finally tried the Maximum Strength Estroven along with the Nighttime Estroven for about two weeks. Now, I just use the Max Strength and I haven’t had a hot flash for about a week now. After a year of sleeping (or at least trying to sleep) with a fan, I’m now night sweat and hot flash free. :)

waste of money

Oct 24, 2015 by trish
Age: 49 • 
Stage Of Menopause: 3 years • 
Side Effects: No effects • 
Recommend To A Friend?: No 

Estrogen is way too much money to waste on a product that just doesn’t work. If you want to try something that may work, buy Black Cohosh, at Wal-Mart or your favorite store. It by itself is a quarter the cost and is the active ingredient. It may work for you but dumping tons of cash on Estrogen is a waste.

Estroven is not safe for everyone!

Jul 24, 2015 by Noemi Kelly
Age: 45 • 
Side Effects: Headache, dizziness, irregular heartbeat and nausea. • 
Recommend To A Friend?: I do no recommend it to anyone! 

I am 45 yrs old. I took Estroven (for 6 months)because I am having hot flashes. my hot flashes never disappeared. Had to run to the clinic to check my heart. I had an electrocardiogram and the results were abnormal heartbeats. Estroven is not safe for everyone! My doctor asked me to stop taking Estroven. After I stop taking it, I feel better! No more abnormal heartbeat, headaches, nauseas or dizziness. Estroven also contains black cohosh. Black cohosh can cause headache and dizziness and irregular or slow heartbeat. Becareful!!


Feb 08, 2014 by Kristy
Age: 41 • 
Recommend To A Friend?: No 

Estroven does not help at all. I have sweats both day and night. I also have terrible insomnia. I started out taking one a day then tried two per package directions, still no help.

DIdn’t work for me

Sep 17, 2013 by Kelly
Age: 48 

This didn’t do a thing for me. I recommend Black Cohash


Apr 30, 2013 by Michelle walker
Age: 44 • 
Stage Of Menopause: Severe • 
Recommend To A Friend?: Yes 

I started out taking regular estroven after my mother had told my boyfriend about it, as I had been 6mths of no sleep,severe hot flashes and extreme mood swings. He actually went and got me helped but not completely..then he went and got me the extra strength it worked great for about a year, but now the symptoms are returning so I am taking the night time and black cohash 2 times a day..lets hope this helps..

Not effective

Apr 06, 2013 by Gretchen
Age: 50 • 
Stage Of Menopause: Premenopause • 
Side Effects: None • 
Recommend To A Friend?: No 

My doctor recommended this to me as I think there was nothing else she could do to help me with insomnia, night sweats, brain fog, moodiness and bloating.

Took it for about 2 – 3 months. No change or reduction in any of my symptoms.

Estroven did nothing

Aug 08, 2012 by Betty
Age: 54 • 
Side Effects: Headaches 

Wish this had worked, splashed quite a bit of money on this product…unfortunately am only left with less money and no relief…didn’t do anything for me sadly except give me a few headaches…not worth it

Estroven works!

Feb 04, 2012 by Marjorie

I was so sick and tired of sweating in the day and night, and not to mention imsomnia.
So, I was placed on a HRT until they found that, hormones make me have very high blood pressure. So once again, here comes the menopause. But, later I went to my pharmacist and she said try ESTROVEN for Night Sweats. I told her that I had tried it before and she was surprised as she said many of the patients use it and swear by it. So I decided to try it again, but I did notice that the packaging was different, so I thought maybe it is new and improved. Guess what no more night sweats or day sweats my symptoms have been reduced about 5%, so I am very happy now and I feel I can be myself again. So please ladies go give ESTROVEN another try now it works!
Now I sleep through the night, and the best part is that it is all natural.

Highly recommend Estroven

Aug 01, 2011 by Lynn

I’m a 46 year old who started having hot flashes about a year ago. I started taking one tablet of Estroven daily, and my hot flashes have completely disappeared. I believe the actual dose is two a day, so if I start to experience symptoms again, I can still up the dosage. I heard the radio commercial for Amberen, and was interested in the weight loss and mood swing claims. I may try Amberen to see if it helps these other symptoms, but for hot flashes I highly recommend Estroven.

2.5 5.0 11 11 I was so tired of my symptoms and so I tried Estroven. it does get rid of the sweats and hot flashes. But, an hour after i take it I have to lay down and cover up with loads of cov Estroven

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