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Real Amberen Reviews

400+ unbiased Amberen reviews from real women. If you have used Amberen and want to share your experiences with the world then please add a review below! Please include as much information as you can to help other readers. Legal note: Please note that we have no affiliation with Amberen or Lunada Biomedical, the reviews on this page are the opinion and property of those who have submitted them. We do not receive any commission on any goods sold (unlike most Amberen review websites-be careful out there!) All reviews are opinions only; they do not replace or supplement the advice given by medical professionals, contact your physician if in doubt about anything.

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My Amberen Experience

Jan 01, 2016 by Angel
Age: 54 • 
Stage Of Menopause: Menopause • 
Side Effects: None • 
Recommend To A Friend?: Yes 

I began taking Amberen a few years back when my menopause symptoms were very intense, especially night sweats. I could not get a good nights sleep and I was “hot” off and on during the day. I started taking Amberen, and it worked. When my symptoms subsided, I stopped taking it for a couple of years. I just ordered some more because I can feel my symptoms creeping back again. I only take this product when necessary. I hope this helps those of you considering this. I never experienced any side affects or emotional issues.

Four Years and Loving it!

Oct 10, 2015 by Debbie
Age: 61 • 
Stage Of Menopause: Over… • 
Side Effects: No negative side affects • 
Recommend To A Friend?: YES! 

I started Amberen FOUR years ago, and my experience has been wonderful. I’m 61 now, and am afraid to quit! I wasn’t producing estrogen (even paps were painful) but Amberen kicked my body into gear and I started producing my own estrogen!

My doctor doesn’t believe me – but I don’t care. My pap didn’t hurt, my hot flashes disappeared, my MOOD swings are gone… I feel like a WOMAN again!

I’m not advertising my blog – but if you want to read more about my experience you can at or please feel free to email me to share more personal thoughts… we are all in this together!

Can’t Live Without It!

Sep 29, 2015 by Anita Michael
Age: 53 • 
Stage Of Menopause: 3 years in • 
Side Effects: All Good! • 
Recommend To A Friend?: Several Times 

I started with hot flashes about 3 years ago – I was afraid to take “mainstream” solutions – so I started exploring the market and found this! I do not have the irritability, low libido, and vaginal dryness others complain about but maybe it is because I started this at age 49 and first symptoms. I also like the weight loss remedy. In the past 6 months my legs have been bothering me. They came out with their version of Diosim-95 600 mg qd and I brought 6 months worth today – perfect timing! I have gotten a period about twice a year since age 51 so I may still be ovulating a little bit.

Works & lost weight

Sep 24, 2015 by Kim
Age: 48 • 
Stage Of Menopause: Post • 
Side Effects: None • 
Recommend To A Friend?: Yes 

I started Amberen 3 years ago when I first started getting hot flashes. At the time I was 25lbs over weight as well. Amberen stopped the hot flashes so I could sleep and really helped with moodiness. I lost all of the weight within a year and have kept it off for 2+ years now. I take the one pill a day regimine 3 months on 3 months off. Sometimes I get hotflashes during the off time. That’s how they say to take them though and I haven’t called to see if you can just take them year round. I have a friend who tried Amberen, didn’t work for her so maybe it just depends on your body chemistry. I am a happy customer who sleeps well at night and glad I tried it.


Sep 23, 2015 by Patricia Triolo
Age: 53 • 
Stage Of Menopause: Not sure • 
Side Effects: None • 
Recommend To A Friend?: Yes absolutley 

I have been using Ambrem for 4 years off and on. I have recommended this to many people and they love it. Everyone is diffrent so i am sorry it didnt work for some of you. But it has helped everyone i have recommened it to. Remember everyone is diffrent and will affect you to your own body. Sorry for the people it did not work for you.

Danger! Danger!

Sep 22, 2015 by Darla
Age: 47 • 
Stage Of Menopause: Perimenopausal • 
Side Effects: Lost weight initially, but then had a stroke • 
Recommend To A Friend?: No! 

I started taking Amberen because I was struggling with constant yeast infections, insomnia, mild weight gain, and irritability. I went through the first month as suggested and less than a month later I suffered a major stroke and spent a week in the hospital. Definitely doesn’t work for everybody. Be careful.

Hot flashes subsided-quickly

Sep 03, 2015 by Karen
Age: 50 • 
Stage Of Menopause: Perimenopause • 
Side Effects: Minimal weight gain • 
Recommend To A Friend?: Yes 

I don’t want to be one of those ladies saying, “it is hot in here or is that me?”–come on…it’s you-accept it. But my flashes were coming hourly, like clock work and my husband wouldn’t even touch me. I also didn’t think as clearly. Recommended by a friend to try Amberen, I did. In week two and three the daily hourly flashes subsided to one at night and one in the morning :) My libido has been strong and remained so, but after the first 90 days, it did decrease a little. I didn’t know about the weight gain until I read these reviews and I realized, yup, me too. I have gained a little thickness in the belly (my friends said I was too thin before). After the 90 days ( I did strech it out in the middle – went off for about 2 weeks and flashes increased and mood more blah)- I’m thinking it’s time to refill.

Hot Flashes Are Worse

Aug 31, 2015 by Cynde
Age: 59 • 
Stage Of Menopause: Post • 
Side Effects: Hot Flashes are worse, constant headache • 
Recommend To A Friend?: Don’t believe so. 

This is the second time I have tried Amberen. This time I am at 27 days. For the past week I have had some of the worst hot flashes I have had in all the years I have suffered with them. Some are so bad I have sweat dripping off my face and my skin is flushed very red. I intend to try for one more week, but if the hot flashes continue to get worse, I will have to stop taking the Amberen.

Also, now that I know the pills contain MSG it explains my constant headaches. However, I will say that I have been using their chocolate chews for weight lose and they do seem to be working. I have been on them for also 27 days and just ordered another months worth.

not a very good product

Aug 31, 2015 by Terry
Age: 52 • 
Stage Of Menopause: Menopause • 
Side Effects: None • 
Recommend To A Friend?: No 

I still have hot flashes in the early morning hours of sleep. Only thing i see that Amberen does for me is stop how often i have hot flashes during the day. All the other stuff its suppose to do, it does not work at all. I still have insomnia, still moody, im gaining weight, and not able to lose it, and my libo is still the same, non-existent. Not a cure all, just another money scam.

Worked at first…..

Aug 04, 2015 by Amy
Age: 39 to 41 • 
Stage Of Menopause: Peri Menopause • 
Side Effects: None at first, severe when it stopped • 
Recommend To A Friend?: Yes 

I took this for 2 years when my symptoms in peri menopause started and it worked miracles. NO hot flashes, increase libido and weight loss but then after about 2 years when i began entering actual menopause and my periods had been gone for 7 months it stopped and I had hot flashes EVERY 20 MINUTES that were so powerful that doctors thought I had other issues going on. I would be drenched in sweat, anxiety and they came like clockwork on the 20 minute mark. Even though I tried doubling up on this by the companies advice it did nothing so once you feel it no longer helping just quit wasting your money. Nothing now works for me so may try HRT.


Aug 03, 2015 by JULIE
Age: 51 • 
Stage Of Menopause: 2 YEARS • 

This did work for me the day I started it. I am NOT kidding, but I do question the side affect of depression I have been aware that I do seem more depressed being on it. I may stop due to this.

Wonderful – for me!

Jul 20, 2015 by Sandy
Age: 52 • 
Stage Of Menopause: Menopause • 
Side Effects: None • 
Recommend To A Friend?: Definitely! 

I will definitely remember the day I realized that I was in the beginning stages of menopause. Christmas Day. I couldn’t understand why I was so hot. I had a house full of family and thank goodness, my niece is a nurse. She brought her stethoscope and blood pressure cuff and took mine – it was a little high, but not bad. For the next several days, I had heart palpitations, was still feeling hot. I really thought “something is wrong with me”! I finally went to my gynecologist – I was in the pre-stages of menopause! Great. My doctor is not one to prescribe HRT. He recommended black cohosh, evening primrose – all of which I tried without much relief. One day, as I was researching menopause and what kinds of relief are out there, I came across Amberen. I saw that it was supported by Lifetime Women, Oprah…and some others. I read up on it, and thought I would try it. I’ve read in some of the comments that many of the women are saying that they’ve felt no relief after the first 30 days – ladies, YOU HAVE TO STICK WITH IT FOR THE FULL 90! I, too, didn’t have much relief after the first 30 days, but continued on. Once I finally finished my 90 days of taking Amberen, I felt so, so much better!! I had no hot flashes, my heart stopped racing and even those funny feelings of being shocked.

I read that usually after you complete 90 days that you have about 90 days of relief, which I did. Slowly, the symptoms began to start up again and I ordered another round of Amberen and found I got the relief again. With all of this – I am a believer that for me, Amberen works, I will continue take it when my symptoms arise, and recommend it to anyone who asks me about it.

3.0 5.0 416 416 I began taking Amberen a few years back when my menopause symptoms were very intense, especially night sweats. I could not get a good nights sleep and I was “hot” off and on durin Amberen


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