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Real Amberen Reviews

300+ unbiased Amberen reviews from real women. If you have used Amberen and want to share your experiences with the world then please add a review below! Please include as much information as you can to help other readers. Legal note: Please note that we have no affiliation with Amberen or Lunada Biomedical, the reviews on this page are the opinion and property of those who have submitted them. We do not receive any commission on any goods sold (unlike most Amberen review websites-be careful out there!) All reviews are opinions only; they do not replace or supplement the advice given by medical professionals, contact your physician if in doubt about anything.

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Mis leading and waste of money

Feb 19, 2014 by Marci Miller
Age: 56 • 
Recommend To A Friend?: No 

Don’t waste your money and or time. Yeah I did the 30 days and got nothing, oh but wait they tell you….you need the whole 90 day cycle…and some people have to do multiple cycles. B.S. All they want is your money….after the 90 days the only thing I lost was my money. Web sites are nothing but fronts by the company to get you to buy the product. Spend your money somewhere else and not here.

Rip off

Jan 30, 2014 by Kathy
Age: 51 • 
Stage Of Menopause: Early • 
Side Effects: None • 
Recommend To A Friend?: No 

First off let me start by say “30 day money back guarentee” is false. what they should say is 30 days from the day u place your order, take a week to get to you so they should say a 23 money back guarantee!! I used this product for three weeks saw no changes whatsover, still hotflashes, night sweats etc… I decided to just get my money back, yeah right, that’s when I was told it was past 30 days. I told her I only took it for three weeks and was returning before the 30 days was up. I was told THEN and only THEN that it was 3o day from order date.. So you cannot try for a month and return because of course that would be over 30 days. complete bullsh*t.. SCAM…..


Jan 09, 2014 by Debbie
Age: 52 • 
Recommend To A Friend?: NO! 

I would not recommend this to anyone. My hot flashed stayed the same in frequency and I still could not sleep at night. I actually gained at least 12 lbs in the month that I took it and also had numerous headaches. I stopped taking them about a week ago and now I am spotting. Had not had a period in over a yr. So this is great…weight gain, headaches and stupid periods returning! Don’t think I would recommend to an enemy, much less a friend.

Still on the fence

Jan 02, 2014 by Rhonda
Age: 49 • 
Stage Of Menopause: Year 3 – middle of the road • 
Side Effects: Sensitive stomach, appetite surpressed • 
Recommend To A Friend?: Yes 

A friend told me about the product after my desperate cries about hot flashes. I found relief from daily multiple hot flashes and night sweats after only a month. I still have some flashes if I have a glass of wine or beer. Also, I noticed my stomach is more sensitive and I feel nauseous at times. Definitely take the pills with food.

Dr. Had to take me off!

Dec 23, 2013 by Debbie
Age: 54 • 
Stage Of Menopause: Full Blown • 
Side Effects: High Blood Pressure • 
Recommend To A Friend?: Maybe 

Bought a box hoping for some relief of the horrid hot flashed & mood swings. After about 5 days on this, my blood pressure spiked so high I could feel my body pulsating and I knew something was wrong. Took my blood pressure and it was off the chart! I do have HBP, for years now, but it has been well controlled with a dr. prescribed medication. Went to see my dr. and his first thought was, if it can help you loose weight, there has to be some sort of stmulant in it. So he researched it what we discovered is that it has MSG in it! MSG!! That’s what the Chinese put in the food! It is SALT or a Salt by-product. He told me to stop taking it immediately! When I got home I further researched the product, and found that they claim the amount of MSG is so miniscule that it won’t cause any side effects. Well that wasn’t the case for me so I stopped taking it and continue to suffer through the night sweats & mood swings. I am happy for thos that get relief as I know how bad it is. I guess I will just keep running my A/C year round. I have been doing so for at least 5 years now and I get through the nights.


Nov 15, 2013 by Carol
Age: 50 • 
Stage Of Menopause: Completed • 
Side Effects: Zero • 
Recommend To A Friend?: YES several 

I had tried everything…HRT with my OBGYN which made me MUCH worse I had finally decided I simply had to suffer for the rest of my life. I spoke with a friend who had used it and her symptoms were gone after the first 90 days. So I tried it.
I could tell a huge difference within one week!
By week three it felt as if the FOG I had been living in disappeared! I have felt wonderful! I took a couple months off but just reordered my third round. Everyone reacts differently especially to hormonal changes, but it has made a huge and positive difference in my life!

Excellent Product

Nov 04, 2013 by Dawn Prystash
Age: 45 • 
Stage Of Menopause: Perimenopausal • 
Side Effects: Hot flashes, insomnia • 
Recommend To A Friend?: Absolutely 

I had a hormone panel done due to hot flashes, insomnia and irregular periods to find I was in premature menopause. The Dr wanted to put me on HRT. I dont believe in prescription drugs, so I tried Amberen. Within a 2 week period, all my symptoms subsided. My Dr was impressed with my overall symptom decrease. She is now recommending Amberen as an alternative to HRT. I love it! I can sleep again and the hot flashes are gone. We all know the benefits of a good nights sleep! Happy wife, happy life!!!

Tested it

Oct 13, 2013 by barb giacomini
Age: 59 • 
Stage Of Menopause: Late • 
Side Effects: Hot flashes, weight gain • 
Recommend To A Friend?: No 

I read all of these reviews and decided to try this product for myself. I decided to try it for just one month and hoped it would do at least some of what it claims to do—the only difference on amberen was worse hot flashes that woke me up at night—I wasn’t experiencing that before, so this was certainly not an improvement. Since we’re all so dissimilar, maybe try the one-month trial and see how it works for you. For me though, the product was a complete failure.


Oct 01, 2013 by Melissa
Age: 49 • 
Stage Of Menopause: Post • 
Side Effects: Edgy and irritable • 
Recommend To A Friend?: Most likely (after the fact) 

I wrote a review on this a month ago after finishing my first 60 days ( I doubled up for a few weeks). I can honestly say I feel great. Still no hot flashes and the edgy, irritable feeling is gone. Libido is better than it was. Overall, I do not regret taking this and would take it again if and when symptoms return

Great Results from Amberen

Sep 30, 2013 by Dawn
Age: 48 • 
Recommend To A Friend?: Yes & co-workers 

I have taken the product for over a year and can’t say enough great things about it. I was at my wits end and saw a commercial one morning around 3:00 a.m. and decided, what have I got to lose but have “sleep” to gain. There is a money back guarantee, so decided to try it. I was having the night sweats, unable to sleep (and I am a person that needs at least 7 hours to function), lack of concentration, and moodiness. All of these symptoms have gone away and I feel absolutely wonderful and get at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep. I haven’t seen any weight loss but have remained at the same weight for over a year, so I am happy about that.

Does Not Work!

Sep 30, 2013 by Denise Kelley
Age: 58 • 
Stage Of Menopause: Terrible Hot Flashes At Night & Low Energy • 
Side Effects: Headache • 
Recommend To A Friend?: Absolutely Not! 

I rate it 0 stars, absolutely no help and no refund. I find it hard to believe that 80% of users benefit from Amberen. Neither my friend that tried it or I benefited in anyway. I think it contributed to my having more headaches than usual. When I called after two weeks and it didn’t work, they said to double up on the dose. They do that so you can’t send it back in a month, since you’ve broken open the second box. Then they tell you to continue to take a single dose, it may just take longer. Well I took the whole 3 boxes and it didn’t help my 3 to 4 nightly hot flashes or low energy one bit. If they really stand behind their product they would have refunded my money. Unless you have $112 to throw away, don’t try it!


Sep 25, 2013 by Deanna
Age: 53 • 
Stage Of Menopause: Menopause • 
Side Effects: No • 
Recommend To A Friend?: Yes 

After suffering severe hot flashes (so many they impeded my daily life and made it nearly impossible to exercise without extreme overheating and nausea), no libido, weight gain, and irritating mood swings I decided it was time to try Amberen.
I am on day 25 and have only taken the recommended dose of 1 tablet each daily. I am happy to report that hot flahses are nearly all but subsided. I may experience one hot flash every few days. This is significant as I was having at least 10-15 daily. My libido is making a comeback as well. Never thought that would resume but it is making progress. Sex drive has been zero for the past 4 years. This is a huge improvement. Weight loss is not happening yet but I am holding out hope since this is a 90 day supply. I do watch what I eat and I do exercise but none of the pounds are off yet.
I like this product and have been extremely pleased with the results. I can tell that I am in better humor and not as moody or tearful as I have been for the past 6 – 12 months.

3.0 5.0 373 373 Don’t waste your money and or time. Yeah I did the 30 days and got nothing, oh but wait they tell you….you need the whole 90 day cycle…and some people have to do multiple cycl Amberen


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