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Welcome to This is a completely independent website that was created for women like yourself. We were fed up with not knowing which menopause products worked and which didn’t. So many websites on the internet offer a ‘review’ of a menopause remedy when in fact they are simply getting a commission from every product sold. As a result, we created this website to help women like you find the best natural menopause products by reading up on the experience of others. We only show real reviews by real women on this website.

We suggest you head over to our reviews to start off. We have reviews from real women on all the major natural menopause products including Amberen, Menozac and Estrothin. Good luck finding the best menopause product to give you the relief you need. If you have used a product that is not reviewed on this site, simply leave a comment on any of the other products and put the title of the product you have used in the review section and we’ll make a new page for it. Thanks for visiting!